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Liba Yoffe

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Our Methods

So here’s the secret behind the great success of Spirit Fit Life clients,
Because that’s where true transformation begins.

Our method is about determining who you truly want to be, where you truly want your life to take you.  You are worth it! We will continuously remind you of this simple but critical fact. We will encourage you to set big goals and pursue them relentlessly.

We will create a tailor-made program for YOUR body type, YOUR emotional and physical history, YOUR daily life demands, and YOUR desires for yourself. 

We will help you develop healthy behaviors consistent with YOUR life goals. We will help you turn these behaviors into habits so you can reap the benefits of real life-long transformation.  

Here’s the best part - we are here for you throughout your journey.  
We provide encouragement. We provide daily accountability. We help you get back on track if you stumble. We celebrate each victory with you as you reach each goal. 

We’re in this together, because we believe in you. Maybe more than you believe in you!

Specialty Programs

Pregnancy and Beyond

Pre/Post Natal Health

A program designed for women during their childbearing times. Whether you are prenatal and have a desire to strengthen your body in preparation for labor, or post-natal and want to regain strength, restore your core, and reach a comfortable weight goal, we have a personalized program for you! Every program is personally created for each women based on each individuals, needs.

A Pain Free Life

with Dr. Barry Dinner

With guidance, you can strengthen the muscles around your joints and get your mobility back!
If your struggling with hormone imbalance, Autoimmune health, thyroid issues, diabetes, WE CAN HELP YOU!
Included in this program you will be working with Dr Dinner. Dr Dinner is a functional medicine doctor with over 30 years of experience.

Meet The Team!

Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way!

Liba Yoffe

Founder, CEO

A Mom of 4 rambunctious kiddos, and the Founder of Spirit Fit Life. She been a fitness professional for the past 13 years. Her other passion is birth. She is a doula and a certified childbirth educator.  

After working as a fitness professional for over 11 years in many different capacities, she has become increasingly aware of how the fitness industry can damage the minds and hearts of strong beautiful women. She is determined to change that for you, herself, and all of our daughters! 



Maya is a certified Zumba instructor since 2018 and a Social Worker since 2003. Maya’s passion for fitness, dance and health started as a teenager and has grown deeper ever since. Maya’s social work experience is diverse and includes working as an addictions counselor in a treatment center, a school counselor in a private school setting, as well as working in a private practice with a Neurologist who specializes in children with a diagnosis of ADHD. 

Sarah Isaacs


Sarah Isaacs is a Certified AFAA personal trainer, group fitness instructor and Pilates instructor since 2012. 
Sarah is our Pre/Post Natal GURU! Coaching our members with Diastasis Recti healing, fit pregnancy and postpartum.
Sarah is also a Certified FitForBirth Pre/Postnatal corrective exercise specialist.
Sarah has years of experience, personal training women of all levels and ages including those with goals of losing weight, gaining energy, sleeping better, getting stronger, minimize low back and tailbone pain, feeling more confident and more! 



Mushkie Aber is a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a DONA trained Doula.
Mushkie is passionate about helping women feel strong mentally and physically. She has worked with women in many stages of life as a doula and trainer. Her belief is that confident women can accomplish anything; that women are worthy of taking care of themselves and feeling great in their skin; and that strong women will change the world!

If your looking for a men's program check out SFL's Brother Program.

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