SPIRIT FIT LIFE is a one-of-a-kind program that aims to help women become the leaders of their own lives.

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SPIRIT FIT LIFE teaches women how to dig deep and discover their own hidden reserves of inner strength. It teaches women how to push past their fears and overcome obstacles (both inner and outer) in order to transform the way they view themselves. It gives women the tools they need to create lasting change.

The success of SFL can be attributed to the five pillars that are the foundations of the program, each of which plays an essential role in each member’s SFL journey.

Pillar 1: Fitness

Our motto is “strong from the inside out!” Each member receives a custom fitness plan designed to meet her specific goals. The plan takes into consideration her personal schedule; history of illness or injury; and daily life demands, such as work, family, and lifestyle. Our customized fitness plans incorporate strength training and cardio into the individualized routines to help each member develop real strength and endurance over time. We emphasize long-lasting results and acquiring the ability to exercise independently without injury. 

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Pillar 2: Nutrition

Each member is provided with a personalized nutritional plan that is based on the current state of her health, desired health goal, and her individualized eating preferences. Members learn that living an optimal healthy lifestyle is not about food restrictions, but about understanding and knowing what is best for their body – how to become the leader of their body versus a slave to a diet. Our clients learn which are the optimal foods that provide them with the fuel they need to get through each day –  foods that provide sustained energy, help strengthen the bones, build up muscle, and contribute to healthy body weight. We focus on habit change and in-depth nutritional education, teaching members how to adopt healthy nutritional behaviors for life.

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Pillar 3: Mindset Coaching

Mindset work is largely overlooked in any health program. In SFL it's at the top of our list! And why is that? Because you cannot have lasting change without digging deep into shifting your habits and personal triggers. The members’ website dedicates a whole section to mindset coaching and workshops, to help each client dig deeper into shifting her habits, build her confidence, and learn how to consistently live a lifestyle of health. It’s an absolute game changer!

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Pillar 4: Accountability & Support

A history of failure does not come from a lack of dedication but, too often, from a lack of support. In SFL, each member receives a daily accountability program and one-on-one empowering mindset coaching so that she truly feels supported in her transformative journey. Over time, members and their coaches develop a deeply meaningful relationship with one another as they travel that journey together.

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Pillar 5: SFL Community

When clients join SFL, they become part of a vibrant and engaged WhatsApp group, where they are literally welcomed into a community of women who share their struggles, wins, and ‘sweaty selfies’ day in and day out. Testimonial after testimonial attest to the power of the shared experiences in this exclusive, one-of-a-kind group. Women reach out to one another for all kinds of reasons, whether to request accountability, to celebrate a milestone, or to post an inspiring message. In addition, coaches are always online ready to offer advice and support. Over time, many friendships have formed and members gain a real sense of camaraderie and caring for one another. Not to mention out retreats that are exclusively for SFL members. This community is the ‘secret sauce’ of the success of SPIRIT FIT LIFE.

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